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HOME APPLIANCES - on which you really depend ON

It’s a noon of Thursday while watching TV, a thought crosses my mind and I don’t know why I start Pondering on such a Random Thought. The thought was What if, we don’t use Home Appliances in our Daily Life. How much we need those in our Life, How much we depend on them. Our lives would come to a standstill without the use of electric devices. Electronic gadgets, Appliances nowadays, is no doubt, a blessing of God and Technology.

Brand new technology and Home Appliances are being sold like hot-cakes in the market-places. Consumer electronics & Appliances consist of electronic equipment intended for everyday use like communications, education, work productivity and entertainment. If you are in search of buying a new electronic Appliances for domestic use or for professional purposes, for educational institutions or business centers, websites and online advertisements can help you a lot to buy, sitting within the comforts of your home!

Equally astonishing is the broad availability of these technologies that make them some important creature comforts available to huge numbers of people around the world. Let’s explore appliances that enhance our lives and take a glimpse at the how, when and why of their existence. Some of these choices may surprise you, but life for all of us would be very different without them.

The Refrigerator

The next time you make your midnight foray to the fridge for a piece of a pie, consider what life would be like without that big cold box. You wouldn’t have ice for your drink, and you wouldn’t be to keep food fresh. Before the invention of the refrigerator, icehouses were used to provide cool storage for most of the year. Placed near freshwater lakes or packed with snow and ice during the winter, they were once very common. Moreover, with Technology uplifts Refrigerator is an Essential need of every house. Sizes may vary, Quality will Fluctuate according to brands, Divergence in Style is essential as everybody has different choice of color and requirement. But the Wholesome is You found these appliances in every Home. May be this is the only reason we count it in One of our Important List of Home Appliances.

The Washing Machine

As long as people have been wearing clothes, they’ve had to come up with ways to clean them. If you lived a couple of thousand years ago, you’d be beating your clothes on a stone to get the stains out like the Romans did. Removal of soap and water from the clothing after washing was originally a separate process. First, soap would be rinsed out with clear water. After rinsing, the soaking wet clothing would be formed into a roll and twisted by hand to extract water. The entire process often occupied an entire day of hard work, plus drying and ironing.
Now with latest Technology that you don’t need to spoil your whole day for cleaning process as it’ll help you and save your time, so that you can do other important things and yes by using this Home Appliances You can take care of your skin as well by avoiding or using harmful chemicals while washing clothes.


Before television, people huddled around the radio to listen to news and entertainment programming. Before that, they relied on their newspapers and the entertainment value of their friends and neighbors. Later on when the concept of Television introduced and there was a time when only a few peoples have the facility of television. And the thing is who has this home appliance Tv considered as special or VIP person as that time it is considered as a royal and expensive appliance. And people use to go in their neighborhood to watch their favouritise. Further more, Now everybody has the thing called television, actually more than that. Wide Range of TV Appliances i.e. LCD TV, LED TV, Smart LED TV. Now these home Appliances as best Appliance of Entertainment.

Air Conditioning

In the middle of a summer heat wave, it’s great to have air conditioning. When summer and its Loo wind makes you feel frustrate and irritated, You really need an Air Conditioner to stay calm and happy. I know this Cause even I suffer and Feel the same in this hot and warm summers. Air Conditioner doesn’t just cool the surrounding, it works on humidity as well where cooler fails in providing a cure in summers. AC will work on it effortlessly. So this Home Appliance is now an important part of every Home.

Roan Luxury Products

Luxury Lifestyle with Roan Products

An astronomical change in the way of things can be observed due to the increased disposable incomes of people and the rapid urbanization trends catching up to the different parts of the world. Changing consumer preference and innovative credit schemes are some of the major drivers stimulating the growth of this segment.

Luxury lifestyle has been a fast-paced journey, fuelling the evolution of luxury and retail across the region, according to some market analysts. Roan Electronics Appliances has long been a key driver and an active participant in this phase of evolution with innovation, analytics-driven application and insights to its appliances and technology to produce a unified consumer experience that is as intuitive as it is effortless.

Keeping up the legacy of innovation, is the birth of a new brand and Roan is an ultra-premium brand with a new art of essence for the most discerning consumers in the region – the roanhub. Roanhub- Blue Horse Enterprises has been gaining recognition across the globe from cosmopolitan consumers since its successful debut.

Home Appliances- Roan

From the kitchen, to the laundry room and every space in between, create a functional, stylish, energy-efficient home with our collection of innovative Roan appliances designed for the busiest spaces in the house. The global home appliances market has been fragmented on the basis of products into kitchen appliances (Mixer/Juicer, cooktops and others), refrigeration appliances (refrigerators, freezing systems and others), washing appliances (washing machines, washer dryer, dryers, steam iron devices and others), room comfort (air conditioners, air Purifiers, ceiling fans, LED Lights and others), and Entertainment appliances (LED TV, Smart Tv’s and others) with kitchen appliances being expected to be the fastest growing sector. Need for efficient and safer appliances has prompted manufacturers to introduce the trend of eco-friendly products, which has led to improved appliances with increased durability and lesser power dependence.

The current trend of smart homes is encouraging the use of smart appliances in home designing, with people willing to invest in a completely connected home that can be easily operated. With big players in the market investing in R&D to come up with smart applications, it will lead to smart appliances propelling the growth of the home appliances market.

The roan products exemplify roan’s commitment to creating stylish, sophisticated products that seamlessly blend in to any setting while performing at the highest levels. Roan’s innovative designs and products have always raised the bar across the appliances industry by seamlessly combining the latest in efficiency-boosting technology with stylish elements that create a positive first impression.


Roan Designs and Commitments

Roan products highlights the true extent of Company innovation leadership and the company’s passion for consumer-centric insights that drive the evolution of life. Leading experts have carefully created the exquisite products by undergoing a strict in-depth evaluation process to make every product feel like an extension of every individual in order to help them create some exceptional experiences.

“It’s really Important to design things with a kind of Personality” and Roan understand this very well. Roan designs in a way which looks sumptuous but in actual it is Frugal.
The rise in demand for luxury goods is a standard that Roan can foresee across the region. It is the right time to invest in a new category for home entertainment and home appliances especially since more and more people within the GCC are beginning to adapt and embrace newer technology for productivity, efficiency and premium lifestyle.

So Whenever you thought of turning your home into a smart home. Give a discerning look to wide Range of Roan Products.

Roan LED Lights

Dazzle your Home with Roan LED Lights

LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting. No doubt, LED lights are the most popular type of lighting nowadays. Due to LED lights, the common incandescent bulbs become obsolete. For instance, did you know that a normal incandescent light bulb is actually a heater with the byproduct of light? Over 90% of its energy is turned into heat making it an outrageously inefficient, not to mention hot, light source.

The biggest advantage of LED lights is that they are excellent energy efficiency. Unlike common incandescent bulbs that waste more than 75% of the electrical current by heating up the filament of metal, LED lights would not generate any kind of heat and due to this they consume very low energy to produce light. LEDs are easy to the touch even after they are on for hours so they carry less risk of causing an accidental fire or burn. The second biggest advantage of LED lights is that they are 100% green, safe and clean. LED not contains mercury or any kind of hazardous materials. Mercury is a very dangerous substance and obviously, no one wants to release it in a home for their children.

LED Lights & their Features

Furthermore, all the LED lights are green and friendly to the environment then there is not any problem to dispose of. LED lights can switch off and on frequently and without affecting the LED’s lifetime or light emission, unlike traditional lighting that may take several seconds to reach full brightness. Also, frequent on/off switching of traditional bulbs drastically reduces operational life expectancy.Blue Horse Enterprises launches Roan LED Lights in huge varieties of LED lights at great value prices which save 85% of Energy.

Blue Horse Enterprises launches Roan LED Lights in huge varieties of LED lights at great value prices which saves 85% of Energy with at least 2 years of warranty. Roan provides various types of LED Lights like LED Heat Sink Model, Side LIT Panel(Round), LED Street Light, LED Flood Light, Roan LED Ceiling Light, LED Heat Sink Model, LED Surface Light, LED Bulbs, and much more. They don’t just help you in providing light efficiently and power saving mode But these light will allure you by their looks as well. You can now use your electric appliances to decor your home, your Company, Your surroundings. You can increase your living standards with smart and alluring Lighting objects with roan because ambiance will spread you radiance and positive energy.

Most of the incandescent bulbs are Yellow in color and they will not offer so many colors as well as they are harsh on your eyes. But when it comes to the LED lights, then you have a lot of options of colors and LED’s are very smooth for your eyes or on objects.

So, if you like colorful lights and want to give an epic look to your surroundings then LED lights are the better option for you. You can try on your own and feel the difference.

Air conditioner that keeps you cool

How to Maintain Hot summers with AC in favor of Environment

Hot weather in this global warming produces humidity and irritation. Keeping your home or office cool during the hot months of the year can go a long way toward having happier and healthier occupants. But it can also be a huge expense, both to your pocketbook and to the environment, due to the eco-footprint of the energy required for air conditioning, as well as the actual cost of that energy. Both of those costs can be effectively reduced through making some changes in your air conditioning habits to conserve energy while still staying cool.

Here are a few tips that can reduce air conditioning energy consumption and cost:

You can Set a reasonable temperature, not an optimistic one. By setting your thermostat to the warmest temperature that is still comfortable to you, less cooling is required, which reduces overall energy consumption. Turning a thermostat or regulator to a colder setting when powering on the unit won’t cool a room any faster, and could result in higher energy costs and unnecessary wear on the equipment.

Keep the sun out. In the hot part of the day, hue the windows that are strightly exposed to the sun to help keep rooms cooler in the first place, which reduces the amount of energy needed to cool it to a comfortable level. This can be as simple as blinds and a curtain, or as complex as an outside shutter or a plant trellis.

Keep the cool in. Drafty doors and windows can cause air conditioning units to use more energy than they need to, simply because the cool air they produce dissipates to the outside through leaky gaps in walls, windows, and doors. Weatherproofing can be an effective method of reducing energy use for both cooling and heating, and is an easy and low-tech solution.

Reduce the humidity in the room. One of the ways that air conditioners help to make us feel cooler in humid climates is by removing some of the moisture in the air, so by using a separate dehumidifier, the efforts of the air conditioning unit are amplified. Increase the humidity in the room. In hot dry climates, adding moisture to the air can help to cool a house, so running a humidifier, or having a ‘cooler’ installed, can be a low-energy air conditioning improvement in some regions.

Now come to an Important Crux that, Most homeowners rarely think about their air conditioner until something goes wrong. Your air conditioner is a complicated piece of machinery with numerous moving parts that can become worn and eventually fail. Just like your vehicle, your AC needs preventative maintenance in order to function properly.
Keep your air conditioner maintained. Every piece of equipment needs regular maintenance, even if it’s just a quick examination, but with an air conditioner or other cooling device, making sure the filters get changed, and the coils cleaned off regularly, can make a difference in how well the units work.
With proper care, you can almost double the usable life of your air conditioner, which makes preventative maintenance well worth the investment.

At Roanhub, Our preventive air conditioner maintenance service includes:

• cleaning the condenser unit,
• calibrating the thermostat,
• lubricating the motor,
• checking the fan control,
• inspecting and adjusting the refrigerant charge, and
• inspecting the coils and low voltage wiring.

After a comprehensive 22-point check, our technician will provide you with recommendations to improve the performance, safety, and efficiency of your AC system.

Grab or Schedule an AC or Annual Maintenance Today!

Call Roanhub, Blue Horse Enterprises, one of the most trusted AC Manufacturer company, for more information on how preventative maintenance can improve the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner. You can also use our convenient online contact form to schedule an AC tune-up with one of our licensed and industry-certified technicians.

smart LED TV

Roan Smart LED TVs

Roan is redefining what a TV can do so people can use more intuitive ways to leverage their entertainment experiences, maintain closer contact to people that are important to them, and easily manage and share content across multiple screens.

Blue Horse Enterprises- roan, unveiled new innovations in its latest LED and Plasma TV series that will redefine the way consumers manage their home entertainment experience, interact with their smart TVs and other devices and access the industry’s broadest range of content. User Interact Smartly by accessing and using apps more easily through Motion Control, Smart content via sharing photos, memories and access educational content for kids. Roanhub Smart LED TV offers true multi-tasking – surf the web while using or downloading multiple apps simultaneously.

Thought of LED TV’s- First picture clicks in our Imagination is sleek and stylish designs. We have seen some of the sleekest televisions out there in the market, which impress us to the core. And to some extent, same can be said for this one. If we come to Display- roan offers you ratio of 16:9 sleek as well as curve Panel, Full HD display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels Audio, Video and Text as well. You may connect your smartphone with your LED in few steps of connectivity. The TV gives some bright and vivid colour output, although the colours are oversaturated most of the times. The TV also supports screen sharing, which is a welcome move.

If we talk about features, the Smart roan LED TV is powered by a 1GHz quad-core processor along with 512MB of RAM 4GB of internal storage out of which 1.98GB is usable. On the connectivity front, it supports three USB port, two HDMI port, two AV IN ports, VGA port, a LAN port and built-in WiFi. The TV comes bundled with a standard remote and there is also an air remote and vary according to panels and its distribution.

Roan Smart TVs now bring the family back to the living room with lots of fun and cherishing time for being together. The new TVs embrace the promise of a multi-screen world by allowing users to do more with their TV through Roan’s new exclusive services, the first of its kind in the industry:

Family Story’s album lets users organize photos and enjoy slide shows on the big screen. Searching for movies via youtube or netflix, browsing the Internet, downloading apps via Playstore, accessing Video on Demand content or chatting with friends has never been more convenient.

The brand introduced different LED televisions ranging from different screen size and one of the most interesting offerings is the 50-inch Full HD Smart LED TV. The Smart LED TV has a lot to offers in terms of design, display, performance and features. And, it is worth every penny.