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How to Maintain Hot summers with AC in favor of Environment

Hot weather in this global warming produces humidity and irritation. Keeping your home or office cool during the hot months of the year can go a long way toward having happier and healthier occupants. But it can also be a huge expense, both to your pocketbook and to the environment, due to the eco-footprint of the energy required for air conditioning, as well as the actual cost of that energy. Both of those costs can be effectively reduced through making some changes in your air conditioning habits to conserve energy while still staying cool.

Here are a few tips that can reduce air conditioning energy consumption and cost:

You can Set a reasonable temperature, not an optimistic one. By setting your thermostat to the warmest temperature that is still comfortable to you, less cooling is required, which reduces overall energy consumption. Turning a thermostat or regulator to a colder setting when powering on the unit won’t cool a room any faster, and could result in higher energy costs and unnecessary wear on the equipment.

Keep the sun out. In the hot part of the day, hue the windows that are strightly exposed to the sun to help keep rooms cooler in the first place, which reduces the amount of energy needed to cool it to a comfortable level. This can be as simple as blinds and a curtain, or as complex as an outside shutter or a plant trellis.

Keep the cool in. Drafty doors and windows can cause air conditioning units to use more energy than they need to, simply because the cool air they produce dissipates to the outside through leaky gaps in walls, windows, and doors. Weatherproofing can be an effective method of reducing energy use for both cooling and heating, and is an easy and low-tech solution.

Reduce the humidity in the room. One of the ways that air conditioners help to make us feel cooler in humid climates is by removing some of the moisture in the air, so by using a separate dehumidifier, the efforts of the air conditioning unit are amplified. Increase the humidity in the room. In hot dry climates, adding moisture to the air can help to cool a house, so running a humidifier, or having a ‘cooler’ installed, can be a low-energy air conditioning improvement in some regions.

Now come to an Important Crux that, Most homeowners rarely think about their air conditioner until something goes wrong. Your air conditioner is a complicated piece of machinery with numerous moving parts that can become worn and eventually fail. Just like your vehicle, your AC needs preventative maintenance in order to function properly.
Keep your air conditioner maintained. Every piece of equipment needs regular maintenance, even if it’s just a quick examination, but with an air conditioner or other cooling device, making sure the filters get changed, and the coils cleaned off regularly, can make a difference in how well the units work.
With proper care, you can almost double the usable life of your air conditioner, which makes preventative maintenance well worth the investment.

At Roanhub, Our preventive air conditioner maintenance service includes:

• cleaning the condenser unit,
• calibrating the thermostat,
• lubricating the motor,
• checking the fan control,
• inspecting and adjusting the refrigerant charge, and
• inspecting the coils and low voltage wiring.

After a comprehensive 22-point check, our technician will provide you with recommendations to improve the performance, safety, and efficiency of your AC system.

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